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How to Mount an Exterior Toll Tag

Your exterior toll tag is designed to be attached to the front of your vehicle, on a flat surface. You screw-mount an exterior toll tag on the front bumper either above or below where the license plate is usually located. Your toll tag is equipped with tamper-resistant screws and a unique wrench for installing these screws. After mounting the toll tag, keep this unique wrench in a secure place for future adjustment or removal of the toll tag.

  • Choose where to mount the exterior toll tag, either above or below the license plate.
  • Remove the top (or bottom) two mounting screws from license plate.
  • Put the provided screws through the holes in the toll tag and then through the holes in the license plate from where you removed the original mounting screws.
  • Position the toll tag so that the provided screws line up with the holes in the front bumper.
  • Tighten the screws with the unique wrench that came with your toll tag to secure both the toll tag and your license plate to your vehicle.

Exterior toll tag mounted above license plate

Exterior toll tag mounted below license plate

An overhanging bumper
If the license plate area on your vehicle is partially obstructed by an overhanging bumper, it might prevent the toll tag from being read properly. Please ask the FasTrak Customer Service Center for an alternate mounting location. Call 1-877-229-8655.